Thoughts on drawing

Mujang, South Korea


Draw in rhythm with my breathing. Each out breath is a line.

This will lead to a better understanding of what I am drawing and a greater awareness of how I am drawing it.


  • A drawing can be measured by its number of breaths or lines.


Don't try to make an image. Don't draw things just because they are there. When I squeeze something in or draw something just because exists, it lacks meaning and truth.

Drawing is an opportunity to communicate observations. Think of each drawing as a series of individual truths.


  • Draw only what I could describe in writing. (e.g. The crossbar is one sixth of the way down the pole. Its width is two sixths of the pole's height.)
  • Drawing only using words.
  • Make a written counterpart to a drawing, describing exactly everything line and its relationship to the other lines.

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